Press Release - July 18

18 July 2016

Press Release


The Naya Shakti Nepal has noted the verdict of the International Arbitral Tribunal constituted under the United Nations Convention on Law of Sea (UNCLOS) in the matter pertaining to dispute over the islands of the South China Sea between People's Republic of China and the Philippines.

The Party believes that settlement of all such disputes is possible through peaceful means in the spirit of international law and provisions of UNCLOS, which will yield enduring peace and stability in the South China Sea region.

Our Party, therefore, while appreciating China’s commitment to peaceful settlement of dispute and upholding the freedom of navigation and over flight enjoyed by all nations under international law, feels that the dispute should be resolved amicably through peaceful negotiation and dialogue without outside interference according to the International Law and provision thereon the UNCLOS in order to restoring peace and security in the South China Sea thereby contributing to the world peace at large.




Hisila Yami


International Relations Department

Naya Shakti Nepal